"I had 3 estimates done on my roof, with Steven of
    “Landeros Roofing Solutions” being the last of 3
    estimates. After Steven did the consultation with
    me, I knew that Steven was the right person for the

    First of all, it started 2 weeks before Steven worked
    on my roof. Steven’s wife, Julie, did a courtesy call
    once she received my request for a “free estimate”
    appointment. She informed me that there were over
    100 “free estimate” appointments/jobs ahead of me
    [actually, due to rainy conditions before Thanksgiving,
    we had received over 100 calls in the 3 days before her
    call -- LRS), and asked if I still wanted to make an
    appointment. Because of her upfront honesty, I
    agreed to make an appointment even if it was going
    to take 2 weeks before Steven came out to look at
    my roof.

    When Steven arrived and did his consultation with
    me, Steven was the only one of the 3 estimators that
    did a thorough inspection. He even looked at other
    areas of my roof where I “thought” was a concern for
    leaks, and he gave me his honest feedback and
    solution. I truly and honestly believe if I went with
    either of the two estimators before Steven came, it
    was going to be a “quick fix” kind of experience, and
    also an experience where they would need to come
    back again later on to do more work. I declare this
    because only Steven saw issues that needed to be
    worked on, that the other two estimators before
    Steven did not see (again, this is due to Steven’s
    commitment and through inspection).

    Steven works smarter- not harder, and Steven does
    the job right the first time with integrity and honesty
    that every customer deserves. Steven is very
    committed to his customers and his job. If you ever
    need a roofing job, and need a job done right the
    first time with the HIGHEST integrity and honesty,
    GRATEFUL that I went with Steven of Landeros
    Roofing Solutions.

    Here’s an extra … the first estimator that was here
    (2 weeks before Steven came), still did NOT get
    back to me on a price quote ~ talk about “things
    happening for a reason.”"

    Patty J. -- Tracy
    Tile Roof Repairs
    Review on YP.com -- 5-Star Rating
    Dec 6, 2013

    "I cannot thank you both enough. We feel so lucky to
    have found you and Steven.  If only every business
    was as easy to work with.  I’ve already passed your
    information on to one friend and will definitely be
    posting positive reviews soon. We’re also looking
    forward to working with you again soon with the dry rot

    "The repair looks amazing! We couldn't be happier.
    Thank you to you and Steven for putting a nervous
    nellie's mind at ease! We will be calling you down the
    road for gutter cleanings and if we have any other
    areas we are concerned with. I've already yelped and
    recommended you and Steven to a friend. There will
    be many others as well!"

    Sarah C -- Tracy
    Tile Roof Repair / Dry Rot Repair
    Emails Jan 27 and Feb 7, 2014
Dec 2013 to Feb 2014