What Can LRS Do For You?

Landeros Roofing Solutions offers top quality workmanship and delivers reliable
roofing-related repairs that will stand the tests of time and weather every storm.  Our
services are backed by a solid reputation for dependability, in depth knowledge of roofing
materials, processes and procedures...plus dedication and integrity.  

If you have roof leaks, dry rot issues, gutter problems, etc., or just want some preventive
maintenance done, please give us a call.  Let our many years in the roofing industry and
the experience gained go to work for


REPAIRS:  We have experience with repairing tar & gravel roofs, metal roofs, PVC and
foam roofs, but we no longer offer repair services on these types of roofs.  

RE-ROOFS: While we may offer an occasional roof replacement during the summer
months if our schedule will allow it, our focus is on performing repairs.  
At this time, we will decline to bid any re-roof projects.  

GUTTERS:  We no longer offer gutter replacements, but will still clean and repair them.

COMMERCIAL WORK:  Apartment buildings are considered "commercial work," and we are
insured to work on apartment buildings and townhomes/condos (up to 3 stories), so we do
offer those services.  However, typically we do not do other types of commercial work.