What Do Our Clients Think?
April 2010 to Dec 2010

    "Hi Julie and Steve, you guys are the best and I really appreciate all your
    extra efforts to provide the information you did."

    "I am so grateful we have such a responsive roofing company to work with."

    Sharon G (Property Manager) -- Hayward
    Cal Highlands of Dublin Owners Association
    Composition Roof Repair
    E-mails Jul 15, 2010 and Jun 14, 2010

    "Thank you Steven and Julie. [...] We appreciate all your great efforts..."

    Robyn C (Property Manager) -- Livermore
    Alvarado Village Homeowners Association
    E-mail May 10, 2010

    "We appreciate your work and prompt service."

    Pat B -- Dublin
    Tile Roof Repair
    E-mail Apr 9, 2010

    "I need to thank you guys for the excellence job you have done, and your kind
    hearts to the birds. And I will not hesitate recommending you to anyone who
    needs help with their roof."

    Jun O -- Pleasanton
    Repeat Client
    E-mail Apr 27, 2010

    "Thank you for your receipt on my roof payment.  I appreciated your fast
    service too.  We will keep your company in mind for future reference."

    Eva Y -- Fremont
    Tracy Rental Tile Roof Repair
    E-mail Oct 19, 2010

    "Thank You Very Much for the VERY FAST service in repairing our
    roof "problem"!  Please, by all means put us at the very TOP of your
    recommendation list!

    "Thank You very much for your prompt help on our leaking roof!
    It was a pleasure to have met both of you today."

    Kevin M -- Tracy
    Tile Roof Repair
    E-mails Oct 10, 2010 and Oct 8, 2010

    "Thanks for you wonderful service! I hope we do not have to call you again
    but it is nice to know that we can count on you if we do have another leak.
    Please feel free to use us as a reference."

    Pat B -- Dublin
    Repeat Client
    Tile Roof Repair
    E-mail Nov 2, 2010

    "Steve and his assistant did an excellent job!  Appreciate it."

    Russell T-- Tracy
    Gutter Installation and Repair
    E-mail Nov 17, 2010

    "He does good work so I feel confident we will be water tight now."

    Ellyn D -- San Carlos
    Repeat Client
    Tar & Gravel / Wood Shake Roof Repair
    E-mail Nov 3, 2010

    Abbey M -- Tracy
    Tile Roof Repair
    Card Received Dec 2010