What Do Our Clients Think?
Dec 2012 to Feb 2013
    "It’s your previous customer from Fremont. Thank you for your Christmas card!
    I hope your family, health and business…are well.  We always like to have you
    do our roof repairs and recommend you to others since we consider you as one
    of those honest contractors which are harder and harder to find these days.

    Our neighborhood has an email group which I set up 2-3 years ago after a series
    of burglaries, initially it was to communicate and alert each other of crime and
    suspicious activities in the area.  Gradually we asked each other for recommend-
    ations on contractors, and I have recommended you to the group which is consisting
    of over 150 households.  And you know, our roofs were pretty badly done and so
    definitely many of us will need a roofer at some point.  I am glad that they have
    come to you and I am sure they will get your excellent service.  Take care and we
    will come back to you if we need any further service."

    Veronica P -- Fremont
    Repeat Client
    E-mail Dec 23, 2012

    Work Completed: December 7, 2012
    Hire Again? = YES
    Approx. Cost = $425.00

    Description of Work:  We had a leak inside the house into the hallway of my parents'
    house. Steve went right away and went on the roof and saw the flashing around the
    vent was destroyed, so he replaced it and fixed up the problem. Steve also takes
    pictures so you know what occurred and how he fixes it.

    Comments:  I called Landeros Roofing during the week of bad rains, after we
    discovered a leak into my parents' house.  Julie told me they were booked out
    2 weeks because of the rain, but they went within 2 days and Steve was able to
    assist the problem on the roof and fix it all that same day!  I was thrilled and very
    thankful for the quick and efficient team that Steve & Julie make.  I have used them
    earlier in the year on a referral from a neighbor to fix another problem on my parents'
    roof, and again the same quick & efficient work.

    I would refer Landeros Roofing to anyone, they are quick, very detailed, very honest
    and prices are reasonable.

    Sandy J -- Tracy
    Tile Repair
    Repeat Client
    Online AL Report -- Posted Dec 18, 2012
    "Thank you very much for coming out and fixing our tiles.  You have a great
    service, and we will be pleased to keep your name handy for any future
    roofing needs or those of a neighbor we can advise with confidence."

    Dan B -- Danville
    Broken Tiles Replacement
    E-mail Jan 30, 2013

    "By the way, the major roof valley repair drained the roof
    properly during the recent rain storms. I am very pleased."

    Bill G -- Brentwood
    Tile Repair
    Repeat Client
    E-mail Jan 14, 2013

    Hire Again? = YES

    Description of Work:  Pleasant people to deal with and excellent customer
    service. Their findings are very honest and unlike other estimates I received,
    Landeros did not inflate their price up and did not take advantage of my
    ignorance regarding roof repairs.

    Comments:  Excellent!!!!

    Ramon A -- Union City
    Tile Repair
    Online AL Report -- Posted Jan 5, 2013

    "I will definitely call you again for any gutter and roof
    work.  I will also recommend you to everyone I know.  
    Thank you."

    Rena T -- Brentwood
    Gutter Cleaning & Chimney Chase Cover Replacement
    Repeat Client
    E-mail Jan 22, 2013

    Work Completed: January 22, 2013
    Hire Again? = YES
    Approx. Cost = $450.00

    Description of Work:  Leak repair. Leak caused by roof HVAC unit install.

    Comments:  Emailed Landeros, set appointment, came out for estimate,
    back to complete work.  Really that simple.  Highly recommend Landeros!

    Kevin H -- Lathrop
    Composition Shingle Repair
    Repeat Client
    Online AL Report -- Posted Jan 23, 2013

    "Really appreciate the great work and overall very
    positive experience I've had with you.  Warmest Regards."

    Keith B -- Tracy
    Gutter Cleaning (Steep Roof)
    E-mail Jan 31, 2013

    "I so appreciate being able to let you do the work and not feeling like I need to
    be here to watch over you.  Your level of integrity and honesty is appreciated
    and respected!  Thank you so much!"

    Sylvia D -- Livermore
    Dry Rot Repairs
    Repeat Client
    E-mail Feb 11, 2013

    "It was a pleasure to meet and do business with you and Steven.  I especially
    appreciate having the problem reviewed and repaired in such short order!  
    Rest assured that if I have problems in the future you will be my first call."

    Greg S -- Tracy
    Tile Repairs
    E-mail Feb 11, 2013

    Hire Again? = YES

    Description of Work:  LRS came out and examined my roof, ascertained where
    the leaks were originating, and made repairs.  They replaced several cracked
    and broken tiles, cleaned and sealed the flashing around the chimney, and
    installed new pipe vent storm collars.

    Comments: I have a 32 year old skip [sheathing] tile roof that had developed
    leaks.  I called LRS in the morning and left a message.  They returned my call
    the same morning and arranged to come by my house in the afternoon.  They
    gave an approximate time of arrival and did arrive within the time frame stated.  
    Steven introduced himself and we discussed the problems.  He went up on the
    roof and diagnosed the problem areas and took digital photos of the issues and
    showed them to me when he reviewed what was needed back on the ground.   
    Because the tiles on my roof are a discontinued brand and I had acquired some
    in the past just in case, Steve said he would be able to affect repairs immediately
    using the tiles I had on hand.  He gave me a price and when I accepted his offer
    he immediately went to work completing the repairs. The entire process was
    prompt, friendly, and professional.  LRS will be my first call for any future roofing

    Gregory S -- Tracy
    Tile Repairs
    Online AL Report -- Posted Feb 12, 2013