What Do Our Clients Think?
Dec 2014 to Mar 2015

    "Thank you for your continued outstanding customer service ...
    happy new year!"

    Parris J -- Livermore
    Gutter Cleaning
    Repeat Client
    Email - Jan 8, 2015

    "It was a pleasure meeting you and Steven today.  We greatly appreciate
    your personal attention to our needs.  You went out of your way to help
    your customer.  Thank you very much.  You eliminated our concerns about
    the approaching storm and the potential of escalating damages to our
    home.  We would recommend you to anyone that needs roofing or roof
    repairs.  My wife just loved you and Steven."

    Chuck A -- Mountain House
    Tile Roof Repair
    Email - Feb 4, 2015

    "We appreciate your great service!"

    Pat B -- Dublin
    Tile Roof Repairs
    Repeat Client
    Email - Feb 9, 2015

    "Thank you so much for getting back to me so soon.  Yes, please put us
    down on your calendar.  I would prefer to wait for you guys.  I trust Steven."

    Paula B -- Pleasanton
    Tile Roof Repair
    Repeat Client
    Email - Feb 19, 2015

    "Thanks for your good work!"

    Alan F -- Tracy
    Dry Rot and Tile Roof Repairs
    Repeat Client
    Email - Feb 21, 2015

    "Thanks for the prompt and great service."

    Sherman W -- Tracy
    Tile Roof and Gutter Work
    Email -Feb 23, 2015

    "Look mom!  No leaks!  Clean gutters!  No bird nests!  And he didn't fall
    off!  Does it get any better than that!?!?!?!?  Seriously, this guy made
    his first trip out here in the rain, found a hole, patched it, and came back
    to do other repairs.  Plus they came back with photos of the work when
    they were done.  Yeah, 5 stars.  I'd call these folks again."

    Steve H -- Tracy
    Tile Roof Repairs
    Review on Yelp! -- 5-Star Rating
    Jan 12, 2015

    "Thanks to you all for making the repairs.  Everything looks great."

    Billy D -- Pleasanton
    Dry Rot Repairs
    Email - Jan 20, 2015

    "Thank you Julie for cleaning up gutters and downspouts. Sorry I didn't realize
    it is that bad.  Please pass my BIG THANK YOU to Steve to take this not easy job
    for very reasonable price."

    "I enjoyed your visit and overall experience which such a rare case with general
    contractors.  I waited a bit for a rain to see if there is any concerns with a repairs.

    So yesterday and today rain provide some inputs.  Looks like Valley in back repair
    functioning well and wooden joint leakage now is minimal.  Right side gutter repair
    looks like fixed as well as I don't see water dipping along the house wall."

    Ilya L -- Pleasanton
    Tile Roof Repair / Gutter Repairs
    Emails - Feb 7 and Feb 24, 2015

    "Thanks for the followup. I'm very happy with the outcome of the work you folks
    did, and appreciate the fact that you were able to get everything done all in one
    day... thanks for your excellent work and fair pricing -  if I need roofing work again,
    I'll plan on contacting you for your help."

    Tom K -- Tracy
    Tile Roof Repair
    Repeat Client
    Email - Feb 28, 2015

    "Hi Julie.  Great work just like the first time!  Everything about your company -
    the work is excellent - the before and after pictures of the entire job, excellent -
    the contracts that you provided in detail, excellent.  To top it off both you and
    your husband are really friendly with great people skills."

    Elaine A -- Mountain House
    Tile Roof Repair
    Repeat Client
    Email - Mar 17, 2015

    "Julie and Steven just fabulous. Even though we didn't had much rain this
    year I had gutters problems all over. Steven and Julie treat you like you
    would like to be treated: direct communications by email and text, explain
    problems down to details if you are too lazy to go up to the roof :-), very
    reasonable pricing and excellent work. None of the nonsense that you
    getting from usual contractors. Steven did few repairs and clean the gutters
    and downspouts and now our house ready for a rain. Highly recommended
    and very reliable. Thank you guys. :-)"

    Ilya L -- Pleasanton
    Tile Roof Repairs
    Review on Yelp! -- 5-Star Rating
    Mar 8, 2015

    "Excellent work at a reasonable price. Would highly
    recommend Landeros Roofing for all your roofing,
    gutter needs."

    Sandra Z -- Tracy
    Tile Roof and Gutter Work
    Rated: Positive Experience
    Better Business Bureau Review - Mar 12, 2015

    "You are awesome!"

    Nicole S -- Property Mgmt Svcs
    Tile Roof Repair
    Repeat Client
    Email - Mar 18, 2015

    "We met the Landeros family when after some showers we discovered a good
    size leak on our roof from the December storm.  The rain was coming back in
    February and we were concerned - they came the next day and immediately fixed
    the leak - they took pictures before and after the job.  No more leak after that.  
    Great job!  They came back last week in March to do some scheduled maintenance
    work.  Again they took pics before and after the job.  Can't praise them enough -
    excellent job, excellent pictures of the work, excellent record keeping and excellent
    contract paperwork along with copies of the pictures.  But most of all, the Landeros
    family are kind, friendly, warm people.  Very customer oriented.  We recommend
    them highly.

    Thank you Julie and Steven!!!!!!"

    Chuck A -- Mountain House
    Tile Roof Repair
    Review on Yelp! -- 5-Star Rating
    Mar 21, 2015

    "When Steve came out yesterday and did his inspection he mentioned to my wife
    that the flue (or some component close to it) had been improperly installed when
    the home was built. He gave her a much better description of it actually, but it is
    hard for me to recall all of the details. Steve was also kind enough to mention that
    due to the age of the home, the roof should still be under warranty by the builder.
    He suggested that we contact the builder.  My very heartfelt thanks to Steve for
    pointing these things out to us.

    We called the builder as suggested, they came by this morning and and found
    exactly what Steve reported to us. Because of this they do consider it a
    workmanship issue on their part and have agreed to fix it. In fact, they will also be
    fixing the water damage in our bedroom as well. I did want to get back to you on
    this as I wasn't sure if you might me holding a spot for us in your schedule.

    Julie, please accept our most sincere thanks, from my wife and I.  I have to tell
    you that we looked you guys up as Steve (Landeros Roofing Solutions) came
    very highly recommended in our neighborhood, I see why!  Your very quick
    response to my over the weekend request was more than impressive.  Your
    ability to fit us in at such short notice was extremely helpful. My wife was nothing
    but impressed by Steve's professionalism. An impressive business all-in-all.  
    I rarely write yelp reviews, you guys provided an an experience that, in my opinion,
    demands a strong and positive review.  I am also now a member those in the
    neighborhood who can pass on the good knowledge of Landeros Roofing."

    Jose R -- Mountain House
    Tile Roof Inspection
    Email - Dec 30, 2014

    "Steven is a very experienced and knowledgable roofer, he fixed my leaking
    roof which another roofer failed to fix two years ago.  He checked the leaking
    places and identified the leaking was from second floor which none of us
    thought about before.  Highly recommend!"

    Helen Z -- Pleasanton
    Tile Roof Repair
    Review on Yelp! -- 5-star Rating
    Dec 30, 2014