What Do Our Clients Think?
Feb 2013 to Sept 2013

    Work Completed: February 11, 2013
    Hire Again? = YES
    Approx. Cost = $650.00

    Description of Work:  Roofing repairs for a leak in my garage.  Replacement
    of dry rot due to a previous poorly done roofing job.

    Comments:  Landeros Roofing performed roof repairs and replaced dry rotted
    siding.  They are an excellent firm who are honest and price their services very
    fairly.  It is not often these days that you find a company with their level of expertise
    and integrity paired together.  They are honest, trustworthy, and show up when
    they say they will!!  I have used them several times and each time with the same
    outstanding service and technical expertise.  I would recommend them to anyone
    without fear that they would be disappointed.  I wish all businesses operated like
    Landeros Roofing.

    Sylvia D -- Livermore (HOA Board Member)
    Composition Roof and Dry Rot Repairs
    Repeat Client
    Online AL Report -- Posted Feb 12, 2013

    "It finally rained. Glad to report no leaking. Yeah!"

    Doug E -- Livermore
    Tile Repairs
    E-mail Feb 19, 2013

    Will certainly call you again when the need arises.  You are a great team."

    Prem P -- Fremont
    Tile & Gutter Repairs / Gutter Cleaning
    E-mail Mar 20, 2013

    "Thank you Steve and Julie for taking care of the leak. I am assuming
    the living room ceiling needs only to be spackled and painted, not
    replaced.  This is a huge relief to me.  You two made this an easy fix."

    Nancy M -- Tracy
    Tile Roof Repairs
    Email June 18, 2013

    "You did such a great job for me.
    Every hurdle I had you worked it out.  
    Thank you, Jane"

    Jane T -- Redwood City
    Tile Roof Repairs
    Message thru Linked-In June 20, 2013

    "Very Good Service"

    "A Customer" -- Union City
    Tile Repair
    Review on HomeAdvisor.com -- 5-Star Rating
    Aug 3, 2013

    "I appreciate your good service and Steven's hard work.
    I certainly will recommend all my friends to you if they need roofing."

    Nancy K -- Union City
    Tile Roof Repairs
    Email Aug 3, 2013

    "In addition to doing the work, they installed safety
    eye bolt harness points along the roof ridge line"

    Michael R -- Brentwood
    Gutter Repairs and Cleaning
    Review on HomeAdvisor.com -- 4.83-Star Rating
    Sept 6, 2013

    Work Completed: May 14, 2013
    Hire Again? = YES
    Approx. Cost = $150.00

    Description of Work:  Fixed and replaced loose and missing roof tile.

    Comments:  Repairs were done quickly and professionally. I was quoted $900.00
    for the same repairs by 2 other roofing companies who said they needed to remove
    a portion of the roof to do the repairs. Landeros did the repairs for only $150.00.

    Joe W -- Danville
    Tile Repairs
    Online AL Report -- Posted Aug 3, 2013

    "The Landeros' completed roof/gutter work for me this week and it was a great
    transaction from beginning to end.   They are very professional and I would
    absolutely use them again in the future.   

    (They even cleaned out some undershots on our roof at no charge.  
    It was very kind of them.)"

    Tess M -- Antioch
    Tile Repairs / Gutter Cleaning / Bird Deterrence
    Review on Yelp! -- 5-Star Rating
    Mar 1, 2013

    "I had a very small gutter repair, leaking at a seam above our patio door.  I
    located Landeros Roofing and they were more then willing to come out and
    do the repair at a reasonable price.  They called a half hour before arrival
    and did the job.  No mess, no hassle.  

    Great to use locally owned small businesses in our area.  This keeps our
    local economy moving.  Thanks for the great customer service.  I will be sure
    to call again if I have another roofing repair or other related issues."

    Dan C -- Tracy
    Gutter Repair
    Repeat Client
    Review on Yelp! -- 5-Star Rating
    Apr 24, 2013

    "Had LRS install approximately 80 ft. of rain gutter and down spouts.  Steven said
    he would be here between 7 and 7:30.  Showed up promptly at apx. 7:05 with his
    assistant.  They worked straight through until they got the job done at 1:00PM.
    They did a great job and cleaned up the job site.  Julie was a pleasure to deal
    with and responded to my e-mails quickly.   Liked the fact that the cost of the job
    was in contract form and in writing.  Will definitely use LRS in the future. Thanks"

    Bob S -- Tracy
    New Gutters
    Review on Yelp! -- 5-Star Rating
    Jun 24, 2013

    Work Completed: August 15, 2013
    Hire Again? = YES
    Approx. Cost = $5,990.00

    Description of Work:  Repaired a roof leak over our kitchen, reinstalled the entire
    starter course, cut out some dry rotted rafters and replaced with new rafters,
    installed new flashing around all roof penetrations, and cleaned out the gutters.

    Comments:  Steven & Julie were always extremely punctual and responsive,
    they gave us a free quote for the roof repair work and the final price was what
    they promised.  The work was done quickly and we are very pleased with the
    final results.

    Matt S -- Tracy
    Composition Roof and Dry Rot Repairs
    Online AL Report -- Posted Sept 10, 2013