What Do Our Clients Think?
Aug 2015 to Present

    "Excellent customer service. Steve is a true professional and Julie is very
    helpful and patient with all of my questions. They've done gutter work for
    us, installed solar fans on the roof, and now some repairs to new gutters
    installed as part of an addition that was done by a different contractor.
    I will call Landeros Roofing again for any roofing or rain gutter needs."

    Beth M. -- Pleasanton
    Gutters and Downspouts
    Review on Yelp! -- 5-Star Rating
    Aug 12, 2015

    "I've been terribly remiss in getting to this review, especially since it's probably
    some of the best home service I've received in years.  You can definitely believe
    all of the stellar reviews.  I discovered a leak in the midst of the last real rain we
    had and contacted Landeros Roofing.  They had a significant wait at the time,
    but fortunately for me, the rain let up.  Whether it had or not, I had planned to
    hold off until they could do it.  Always better to wait for the best than settle for
    second.  Steven and Julie are first rate.  They were always here when they said
    they would be and on time.  The quotes and invoicing were prompt and
    thorough.  Steven provides photos of before and after so you can see and
    understand what is being done.  Was also a pleasure to meet them both.  
    If I could give more stars, I would.  Excellent!!!"

    Curt D. -- Tracy
    Tile Roof and Dry Rot Repairs
    Review on Yelp! -- 5-Star Rating
    Sept 8, 2015

    "Thank you for the invoice and the photos of the completed work.
    I really appreciated your professionalism throughout."

    Gayatri S. -- Union City
    Tile Roof Repair
    Email - Sept 10, 2015
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    "I felt bad that Steven had already done the [extra] work when I told him we had
    decided to wait.  Based on our phone conversation, I thought he wouldn't have
    time to do it all and that we would have to have it done it later.  But he is a very
    fast worker!  Anyway, in the end, we are glad it's done and we can rest assured
    through the rainy season.  Thank you again for taking care of us so quickly!"

    Diana G. -- Tracy
    Tile Roof Repair
    Email - Sept 17, 2015

    "I appreciate your workmanship and honesty"

    Sandra Z. -- Tracy
    Tile Roof and Dry Rot Repair
    Email - Oct 5, 2015