You, as our valued customer (and potential future reference) need to know what your
rights as a consumer are when hiring a roofing contractor.  You can always go to the
California Contractors State License Board to find out what your rights are, but we’d like to
help you out with this as well.  

The following is the full disclosure information about Landeros Roofing Solutions that we
would like you to know, and to which you are legally entitled:
  • LICENSE INFORMATION:  State law requires anyone who contracts to do
    construction work to be licensed by the Contractors State License Board in the
    license category in which the contractor is going to be working—if the total
    price of the job is $500 or more (including labor and materials).  Licensed
    contractors are regulated by laws designed to protect the public.  

    If you contract with someone who does not have a license, the Contractors
    State License Board may be unable to assist you with a complaint.  Your only
    remedy against an unlicensed contractor may be in civil court, and you may be
    liable for damages arising out of any injuries to the contractor or his or her

    You may contact the Contractors State License Board to find out if this
    contractor has a valid license.  The Board has complete information on the
    history of licensed contractors, including any possible suspensions,
    revocations, judgments, and citations.  The Board has offices throughout
    California.  Please check the government pages of the White Pages for the
    office nearest you, visit or call 1-800-321-CSLB for more

  • CONTRACTORS BOND:  Our $15,000 Contractor’s Bond is with American
    Contractors Indemnity Company.  

    (NOTE:  Contractors are required to maintain a surety bond for the benefit of
    consumers who may be damaged as a result of defective construction or other
    license law violations, and for the benefit of employees who have not been paid
    wages due them.  Without evidence of this coverage, the contractor's license
    will be suspended.)

    protect against third-party bodily injury and accidental property damage.  
    It is not intended to cover the work the contractor performs.  As the
    International Risk Management Institute explains in its Guide to
    Construction Insurance, CGL insurance protects "the insured contractor
    from liability to members of the public (other than employees) for bodily
    injury, property damage, or personal injury caused by virtually any

    The Contractors' License Law does not require contractors to carry CGL
    insurance.  However, Landeros Roofing Solutions maintains a
    $2,000,000 aggregate CGL policy (Occurrence-type 2019-20 Policy #
    101 GL 0034325-05) with an A+ rated carrier: Colony Insurance
    Company (condos and townhomes are covered).  Additional Insured
    Certificates are available upon request.

    Compensation Insurance Fund (2019-20 Policy #3018846).  
    NOTE:  Please be aware that in ordered to be licensed by the State,
    every roofing company in California MUST carry Workers Compensation

  • OUR SUBCONTRACTORS list us as Additional Insured on their own
    Commercial General Liability Insurance policies.

  • REFERENCES: Online reviews through Google, the Better Business Bureau
    and Yelp! are an easy way to check us out.  Other references may be

  • CONTRACTS:  For jobs in excess of $750.00, the State requires that we ask
    you to review and sign an extensive agreement for the work.  Each agreement
    will indicate when the work should start and end, give a detailed description of
    the work to be done and the material to be used, describe payment terms and
    tell you how you may cancel the contract.  They will also state that all changes
    or additions causing a change in price of the job must be in writing to reduce
    the possibilities of later disputes.

  • RIGHT TO CANCEL:  You have a 3-business-day legal right to cancel after
    signing our written contract, unless you check and initial the waiver in order to
    obtain immediate service.

  • JOB PERMITS:  We will obtain all required job permits required for your job and
    their cost is included in our bid.

  • WARRANTY:  Our roofing repairs generally carry at least a 12-month warranty
    on our workmanship.

  • PAYMENT TERMS:  We almost never require a down payment, but if we do,
    California law says that it may not be more than 10% of the contract price or
    $1000, whichever is less.  

    We accept personal checks for less than $5,000; please remit payments in
    excess of $5,000 via cashier’s check.  

    We also accept American Express, VISA, Discover and MasterCard credit
    cards, with a 3.5% processing fee for all amounts charged over $1,000.00
    (to cover the fee we get charged).
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