How Does Landeros Roofing Solutions Compare?
Are You a Price Shopper?... Or a VALUE shopper?

    This is a tough question because one assumes that we are
    ALL price conscious.  And YES, price is important.  But…is
    price alone the MOST important item when choosing a
    contractor for a major project such as a large repair, or a
    complete re-roof?  

There is a difference between price and value. The cheapest price is rarely the
best value for your money.  Doing things "by the book" costs a lot of money in
overhead to the licensed, insured, reputable contractor with a list of satisfied
customers a mile long.  But these very things protect YOU, the customer by
building value and peace of mind into the price to you for the finished product.

Ask for an itemized proposal from each contractor you
are considering.  When you look at different proposals,
make sure you are comparing
apples to apples and
make sure every contractor is proposing to sell you
what YOU want, not what they say you want.  Make
sure the contractor takes the time to explain the things
clearly to you that you do not quite understand.

Make sure you know what you are getting for the price quoted.  If one proposal is
significantly higher or lower than others, take the time to understand why there is
such a big difference. There may be a very good reason why one proposal is
much lower than the others.  Maybe the contractor's just a great, compassionate
guy who wants to make less profit because he's a swell dude (do we detect a hint
of sarcasm here?).  But, more than likely, a good bet is that he is scrimping on
one or more of the doing-it-by-the book items.  

Is the risk worth the immediate reward of saving a few bucks?  The satisfaction
and peace of mind of a job well done for money well spent will be with you much
longer than the exhilaration of paying a cheap price for inferior quality and

We're not saying that Landeros Roofing Solutions is the cheapest or the most
expensive roofing contractor out there --
we figure we are middle of the road.  
But we ARE saying, please be careful in your evaluation.  WE KNOW that our
services are worth the cost and that the quality you end up with is par to none.