"I can't tell you how much I appreciate your efforts & Steve's as well. Thank you
    very much for doing so much."

    "Glad to tell you [the State Inspector] showed up moments after your call. He
    found the roof in EXCELLENT shape, he was impressed!  We are so grateful for
    the amazing work from Landeros Roofing Services."

    "I feel sorry for anyone in our area having roof work done by anyone else...
    Landeros Roofing Services is the absolute best.  Oh, the lady across the street
    complimented the roof, she walks every day & says she enjoys looking at it.  
    She says it sparkles."

    "It's so funny... you all made us feel like we were special, like your only customers
    but you've obviously been very busy indeed!" ... "You & Steve gave the prime
    example of the best service on ALL levels." ... It was a very lucky day when we
    hired the best to fix things up."

    Sena M -- Sunnyvale
    2,700 sq. ft. Modular Home Re-Roof
    E-mails:   Sept 14, 2006  /  Oct 12, 2006   /  Apr 10, 2007   /   Jan 29, 2008    

    "My wife was pleased the way your husband
    professionally talked to her and got the work done."

    Parimal S -- Livermore
    Tile Roof Repair
    E-mail Jan 08, 2007

    "The roof looks great."

    Jennifer D -- Tracy
    2,500 sq. ft. Composition Re-roof
    E-mail Jan 23, 2007

    "I haven't had a chance to fully appreciate Steven's work yet
    (been a busy day), but it seems like he did a great job."

    Arvin K -- Pleasanton
    Gutter Repair
    E-mail Feb 02, 2007

    "I know he is very busy and we really appreciate that
    he got the roof work done today."

    Nancy S -- Palo Alto
    700 sq. ft. Portion of Re-roof Takeover from Previous Contractor
    E-mail Feb 13, 2007

    "You are such nice people to deal with."

    Norma S -- San Ramon
    Tile Roof Inspection & Repair
    E-mail Feb 08, 2007

    "Thanks for the receipt Julie, and for fitting us in so quickly.
    We definitely would like to get a quote for a new roof  -
    No urgency, now that the leak is fixed!"

    Jami B -- Livermore
    Composition Roof Repair
    E-mail Feb 15, 2007

    "You are a top company-a good team!  I like the good
    communications and responsiveness."

    Bob J -- San Jose
    Roof Repair and Gutter Replacement
    E-mail Nov 1, 2006

    "Thank you both for the wonderful roof.  It looks just great."

    Linda F -- Redwood City
    1,400 sq. ft. Tar & Gravel-to-Comp Conversion
    E-mail Oct 26, 2007

    "Thank you for your promptness."

    Penny T -- Palo Alto
    Wood Shake Roof Inspection and Repair
    E-mail Oct 11, 2006

Susan B.     
Palo Alto Wood Shake     
Fungicide Power Wash     
(Received Sept 11, 2006)
    "Thank you once again for such quick service."

    LuAnn T. (Property Manager) -- Livermore
    Union City Monte Vista Home Owners Association
    E-mail: Oct 17, 2006
    "You have been very professional."

    Victor G -- Campbell
    7,800 sq. ft. Townhome Shake-to-Comp Multiple Conversions
    Email: May 12, 2003

    "YES< Absolutely you may use me as a reference!  I am 100% satisfied!"

    Lori B -- Gilroy
    2,500 sq. ft. Shake-to-Comp Conversion
    E-mail Apr 6, 2003
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