Gerald and Marion F -- San Ramon    
    Entire Roof Coating    
    (Repeat Customer)    
    Note on Signed Contract    
    June 12, 2008    

    I have become fond of the bright color and it really stands out now on the
    street and it makes me SMILE when I approach.  And of course I like the little
    things Stephen did to make it a quality roof, like replace the fascia board and
    venting the roof and putting in the edge guards, that will make it a long lasting
    and very practical and functional roof.  I am ready for the hot weather coming
    later in the week.  And finally I do appreciate that the surrounding area around
    the house was CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN and you left things more tidy than they
    originally were."

    Greg H -- San Ramon
    2,700 sq. ft. 40-yr Composition Re-roof
    E-mail May 12, 2008
What Do Our Clients Think?
Feb 2008 to Dec 2008

    "Dear Julie:  thanks for the receipt.  I am very happy with the
    work on the roof.  The men were very quick and professional.
    Great Job!  Teresa M..."

    Teresa M -- Manteca
    Composition Roof Repairs
    E-mail Mar 27, 2008

    ...I have multiple bids at the [$x,xxx] but I liked you better because
    you were very responsive and professional."

    "Thank you for your competence.  We will check out the quality of
    the repairs as it rains.  If that goes ok, I am happy to provide a
    reference if you ever need one."

    Fariba D -- Pleasanton
    Tile Roof Repairs Bid (after performing her inspection in Oct 2007)
    E-mails Feb 5, 2008 / Feb 18, 2008

    Dry Rot Repairs    
    Note on Payment Check June 5, 2008    

    "Thanks again for being so quick to put this job together for us."

    Beth M -- Pleasanton
    Procurement and Installation of 3 Solar Attic Fans
    E-mail June 23, 2008

    "Thanks again for your help.
    We can always rely on your company and it means everything to us."

    Beth R (Property Manager) -- Livermore
    Monte Verano Condominium Association -- San Jose
    Composition Roof Repairs
    E-mail Oct 2, 2008

    "Thank you Julie   I appreciate your quick response."

    Vance A -- Milpitas
    San Lorenzo Rental
    Flat Cap Sheet Roof Coating
    E-mail Oct 14, 2008

    "Hey, we were just thinking that about you, very professional,
    we really appreciate it! "

    Lisa W -- Palo Alto
    Composition Roof Repair
    E-mail Oct 28, 2008
    "Thanks very much for your excellent service."

    Mike R -- Pleasanton
    Tile Roof Repairs
    E-mail Nov 5, 2008

    "Thank you for the info for our tiles.  
    We appreciate your thoroughness."

    Eva Y -- Fremont
    Tile Roof Repair
    E-mail Nov 9, 2008

    "Thanks very much to both you [Julie] and Steven for your quick
    response and excellent service.  I will contact you sometime after
    Jackie W -- Tracy
    Tile Roof Repair
    E-mail Dec 9, 2008