What Do Our Clients Think?
Oct 2011 to Jan 2012

    "Thanks for being such a convenient company to work with!"

    Hayden P -- Tracy
    Gutter Cleaning & Repairs
    E-mail Oct 17, 2011

    "thank you again [for] making this an easy process for us"

    Malisa S -- Tracy
    Tile Repair
    E-mail Oct 14, 2011

    "The roof looks good."

    Rich H -- Fremont
    Tile Roof Repairs
    E-mail Oct 19, 2011

    "You DO know, you guys WILL be doing the work for us.  I trust you  
    more than any other roofer I have talked to in this area!  If you have
    time on Saturday, please stop by here so I can introduce you to Mark.  
    As far as checking out your insurances, etc.  Been there, did that.  
    Remember, you have done OTHER work for us!  I am still really
    happy that you guys service Contra Costa County.  Yay for my team!"

    Marie G -- San Ramon
    Repeat Client
    Tile and Dry Rot Repairs
    E-mail Nov 17, 2011

    "Thank you for your follow up in sending me a copy of the invoice.  You are
    both truly professionals and I enjoy your website too.  It was so nice to see it
    rain without tons of water pouring over the top of all the pigeon poop (eck)!"

    Janice F -- Mountain House
    Gutter Cleaning
    E-mail Nov 7, 2011

    "You fixed a roof leak on our garage roof in Foster City about 2 years ago.
    That has worked out great and has never been a problem again!  We now
    have another leak in one of our roof overhangs that requires attention."

    Koen B -- Foster City
    Flat Cap Sheet Roof Repairs
    Repeat Client
    E-mail Nov 22, 2011

    "Thank you Julie..... Good doing business with you, Steven and David...."

    Stella V -- San Jose
    Comp Repairs in Tracy
    E-mail Dec 3, 2011

    "Loved the pictures…..one can learn so much."

    "I sent a check in the mail today and also added some additional dollars to
    defray the expense of the additional work that Steven did.  Please thank him
    for taking the initiative and let him know how much I appreciate doing business
    with you all."

    Joan F -- Discovery Bay
    Repeat Client
    Tile Roof Repairs
    E-mails Nov 26, 2011 and Dec 7, 2011

    "Thank you again, you are wonderful to work with."

    Dawn R -- Livermore
    Composition Roof and Gutter Repairs
    Repeat Client
    E-mail Dec 5, 2011

    "Invoices received and a check sent in today's mail.
    Thank you for kindly billing us. It helps with the records
    as it keeps everything in one place."

    Ann E -- Livermore
    Repeat Client
    Multiple Gutter Cleanings
    E-mail Dec 14, 2011

    Barb D -- Livermore
    Gutter Cleaning
    Repeat Client

    "you guys did a great job thank you"

    Troy R -- Livermore
    Gutter Cleaning
    E-mail Jan 5, 2012