What Do Our Clients Think?
Jan 2012 to Oct 2012

    Work Completed: April 27, 2012
    Hire Again? = YES
    Approx. Cost = $1,100.00

    Description of Work:  Tile roof repair. Remove tile from either side of roof valley
    and remove debrls.

    Comments:  The work went very well. They arrived on time and completed work
    in timely manner.

    Rickey T -- Tracy
    Tile Repairs
    Online AL Report -- Posted May 8, 2012

    Work Completed: April 30, 2012
    Hire Again? = YES
    Approx. Cost = $150.00

    Description of Work:  Cleaned clogged gutter drain, cleaned gutters
    and installed bird guard.

    Comments:  Fantastic!  They are so responsive and helpful.
    Came out right away to fix clogged drain pipe.

    Beverly R -- Tracy
    Gutter Cleaning / Bird Deterrence
    Repeat Client
    Online AL Report -- Posted Jun 1, 2012

    "I just wanted to let you know that Mark finally had a chance to talk with Johnny
    across the street that you did some work for.  Johnny said he was very pleased
    with the work you and Steven did for them.  The good thing about this is Johnny
    is very seldom happy about ANYONE who has done any work for him.  You guys
    have received very high praise, indeed!  That makes me very proud since we
    brought you into our neighborhood.  Ed and Donna have had nothing but good
    things to say about your work as well.  You can bet that if needed ever again,
    I am pretty sure ALL of us will call you.  AND......if ever asked again, we would
    readily recommend you to any other families that need roofing repairs."

    "You can go ahead and put me on your testimonial page.  I am one of your biggest
    fans.  You did such a great job on the Tracy house that when I contacted you for
    our house, we really had no idea that the neighbors were looking for someone
    also.  So it all worked out perfectly.  I would be more than honored to be one of
    your favorite references.  Don't ever forget that!"

    Marie G -- San Ramon
    Tile & Dry Rot Repairs
    Repeat Client
    E-mail Jan 31, 2012

    "Thanks for the update. I have made the payment online through the
    link on the invoice for [$xxx]. Appreciate the work on this with invoice
    and a clear payment process for the same."

    Raghu S -- Mountain House
    Tile Repair
    E-mail Jan 24, 2012

    "Thanks Julie.  While I hate roof leaks, you and Steve take
    some of the pain out of it with your great service.

    I hope you don’t hear from me for a while~!!!!!  

    Seriously, thank you very much."

    Richard R -- Danville
    Tile Repair
    Repeat Client
    E-mail Apr 25, 2012

    Work Completed: April 15, 2012
    Hire Again? = YES

    Description of Work:  Repair 3 leaks in roof, one of which was due to rat
    damage. Rat-proof above living room.

    Comments:  Arrived on time for both estimate and work. Worked diligently;
    cleaned up at end of job. Very reasonably priced.

    Joyce H -- San Ramon
    Tile Repairs
    Online AL Report -- Posted Apr 27, 2012

    Work Completed: May 14, 2012
    Hire Again? = YES

    Description of Work:  Removed roof tiles, installed underlayment patch at
    leak site.  Installed missing roof tiles, installed lead flashing extension to
    bottom of valley flashing.

    Comments:  Fair accurate estimate. Was on time & worked quickly & safely.
    Cleaned up debris of job related items.

    Maynard S -- Ripon
    Tile Repairs
    Online AL Report -- Posted Jun 1, 2012

    "Thanks :-)....I love my new rain gutters!  Xo"

    Joey G -- Tracy
    New Gutters
    E-mail Jul 31, 2012

    "Steve did a great job on the roof!"

    Knight L -- Newark
    Composition Shingle Repairs
    Repeat Client
    E-mail Sept 15, 2012

    Approx. Cost = $2,100.00

    Description of Work:  Leaking gutter repairs (4).  Mixed roof repairs on
    damaged roof under tiles.

    Comments:  Steven the owner was friendly. Were fast.  Finished job in very
    good time and left.  Looked like he had not been here.

    Beverly C -- Tracy
    Tile & Gutter Repairs
    Online A.L. Report -- Posted Oct 24, 2012